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Go digital and extend the life of your meeting by offering electronic posters.

Extend your meeting exposure for months and increase your website visits by going electronic. TMI offers a superb online application to take your posters from paper to digital format. Presenters submit their materials online at their convenience and attendees can view posters at your event and online for months after. An online archive or each year's poster presenters drives traffic to your association's website. Digital format also allows for greater creativity from your presenters.

Contact TMI today to learn how your staff, presenters, and attendees can all benefit from Virtual Posters. We would be happy to set up an online demo to show you the value of moving from paper to electronic format.


  • online submission
  • presenters can edit information during submission dates
  • poster chats with authors online
  • add video for additional material
  • post winners during event
  • collect statistics on most viewed posters
  • increased viewing hours and days
  • TMI large format displays and kiosks at event


  • longer exposure for author research
  • save money on printing expensive posters
  • drive traffic to organization's website
  • add video to presentation for great impact
  • reduce poster viewing space
  • no lost poster tubes
  • greater flexibility for presenter
  • revenue generator for post event access
  • part of Association Green initiative