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Recharging Kiosks - best new sponsorship opportunity!

Power2Go™ Recharging Kiosks are the perfect sponsorship opportunity for tradeshows, conferences, public events, etc.

There is no question that sponsorship sales have been a challenge to event organizers over the past few years with tighter budgets for exhibitors. Exhibitors are looking for bold new ideas that will give them a "good bang for their buck."

Todays attendees typically travel with one or more mobile devices, whether it is a cell phone or smart phone or laptop and keeping it fully charged during a day long event is always a challenge. The advent of web and mobile apps now demand more battery life on a mobile device.

This universal mobile charging station is equipped with 24 connectors and industry standard USB plugs, making Power2Go compatible with over 4,000 devices including iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Palm, LG, Sony Ericsson and many other popular smartphone brands. Standard 120 VAC outlets are also provided.

NEW! iPad add-on module now available! Each Power2Go kiosk can now be equipped with two iPads enclosed in a tamper proof enclosure. Perfect for providing your event's wayfinding app to attendees, or showcasing a sponsor's app.

Sponsor Benefits

  • High Visibility - kiosk is 8 ft. tall with additional cap unit to bring to nearly 10 feet
  • Four-sided unit for branding messages
  • Two large LCD displays for digital messaging
  • Two universal charging units in each kiosk
  • Captive audience while waiting for charge of device
  • Counters for brochure or product sheets
  • Lead capture opportunities available

Benefits to Show Management

  • New Sponsorship opportunity - sell multiple kiosks for more revenue
  • Offer a new beneficial service to attendees
  • Keep attendees onsite longer because they can stay connected through their mobile devices
  • Kiosk can double as a WiFi hot spot with optional Access Points
    (additional fee applies)